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By Dr. Raquel Amado on the 07th March 2022

Positioned in the North Atlantic Ocean, and situated 740 miles off the west coast of Portugal lies my home, my island, and my energy source – Sao Miguel. Being the largest of the Azores, Islanders wear their ‘elder’ status with pride. This magical green island is the home of rich leafy forests, volcanic peaks and azure lakes. This very special place is my life force, it’s where I can breathe freely, it’s where I recharge and it’s the source of my inspiration.

Every year I return there to ground myself, reconnect with the magnificent beauty that my island so endlessly provides. Forever plentiful with nature, I find that here is where I can reflect, appreciate, and then re energise.

I followed in my fathers footsteps, when I went into Dentistry spending 12 years there and although I enjoyed it I didn’t love it! I truly believe you’ve got to love what you do. After all, we spend 75% of our life at work, so you’ve got to make that time worth it.

I was always most engaged when I was able to make a significant difference to how my patients felt, particularly when the work I did was truly transformational. You see, it’s exactly that… it was the transformational work that led me into Aesthetics.

How I can make a positive impact on how my patients feel about themselves is 100% why I get up in the morning! It’s not only about how I can enhance, create and correct. It’s about how my patients feel during that process, their trust in me, their journey and fundamentally how they feel throughout the transformation, no matter how big or small that is.

I just had to scratch the itch… I have an insatiable thirst for helping someone to transform how they are feeling, and at the same time, be the best that I could be. So I left dentistry behind and focused on enhancing my skills in Aesthetics. I up skilled in every way I could, gaining inspiration from some of the key leaders in our field, attending masterclasses and then gaining recognition for teaching in my very own masterclass.

Not only was I practicing aesthetics, I also became a trainer. Teaching others how to make a difference, adeptly tweaking and often creating subtle changes in the skin, along with the structure of the face. I qualified at the highest level, and with the support of my family was able to dive straight in.

Face value has become ‘the norm’, with accessibility to aesthetics continually on the rise. How often have you thought about ‘the why’ someone chooses to invest in themselves?

It’s quite easy to make a snap judgement, however I personally can vouch that for many of my patients that decision is a journey. A journey that I accompany them on, every step of the way. You see the level of understanding, ‘the why’, is totally why I love doing what I do.

My passion lies with ‘full facial rejuvenation’, and this is where I can make maximum impact. Each time this is a bespoke service, curated care for my patients with every little detail taken care of. A series of facial treatments that are subtly transformational and never scary.

Holding your hand every step of the way, understanding your reasons, your needs and ultimately how you want to look is always my mantra.

Facial aesthetics is so much more to me than face value. Your face, your feelings are precious. The trust we build throughout consultation and your visits will grow stronger. Don’t be alarmed when I recommend that you start off slowly, true transformations happen over time, both inside and out.

I’m a big believer that anything is possible if you want it enough. Four years on I’m now in my very own clinic in ‘Churchill Square’, I spend my days a stones throw away from home doing what I love. My passion for life and work are mirrored. My thirst for knowledge, my hunger for achievement and my love for making a difference, are all what makes me who I am today.

So, If you’re thinking you’d like to know a little more of how I can help you, then let’s schedule some talk time! Walk me through the enhancements you’ve been thinking about, and what you’d like to achieve. It’s all in the details, and that’s where I thrive.


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