Why Now Is The Best Time To Book Your SkinPen Treatment

By Dr. Raquel Amado on the 28th December 2023

If you’re looking for a treatment that offers a revitalised complexion and a rejuvenated glow, SkinPen might be exactly what you’re looking for. It has fast become the go-to choice for those seeking skin renewal for many reasons and, as we head into the winter months, we think now is the perfect time to book your next treatment for several reasons. Be sure to keep reading for a very special winter offer!


Why Winter?

The best time for a SkinPen treatment largely depends on your lifestyle, sun exposure habits, and desired outcomes. However, many people find the autumn or winter months to be ideal for multiple reasons.


Reduced Sun Exposure

At this time of year, people generally spend less time in direct sunlight. Sun exposure is a key factor to consider post-microneedling, as the treated skin becomes more sensitive. Limited sun exposure reduces the risk of complications and promotes a smoother healing process. With that said, sun protection is still important post-treatment and choosing a season with less harsh sunlight supports this essential aftercare requirement.


Less Risk Of Hyperpigmentation

SkinPen microneedling can cause temporary hyperpigmentation, especially in those with darker skin tones. Having the procedure during months of reduced sun exposure helps minimise the risk of pigmentation changes as the skin is less exposed to UV radiation.


Easier Aftercare

Aftercare is crucial for the success of any microneedling procedure. During the cooler months, the lower temperatures may make it more comfortable to adhere to aftercare recommendations, such as avoiding excessive heat and sweating.


Preparation For Spring And Summer

Undergoing these treatments in the winter allows you to prepare your skin for the warmer months. By the time spring and summer arrive, your skin will have undergone the rejuvenation process, revealing a refreshed and revitalised appearance.


Understanding SkinPen

At the heart of SkinPen’s efficacy lies its precision-engineered design. This device uses a set of fine needles to create micro-injuries in the skin. Don’t let this term alarm you, these micro-injuries are minuscule and strategically induced to stimulate the skin’s natural healing process.


It works by encouraging your skin to produce more collagen. The micro-injuries created by the tiny needles trigger natural healing behaviours, boosting the production of collagen and elastin proteins. These essential proteins are the building blocks of firm, supple and youthful skin. As the skin regenerates, it becomes firmer, smoother and more radiant.


Tailoring The Treatment To You

One of the standout features of SkinPen is its versatility. Whether you’re dealing with fine lines, acne scars or uneven skin texture, this treatment can be tailored to address many concerns. The depth of the microneedling can be adjusted to suit specific skin conditions, making it a versatile choice for personalised rejuvenation.


There are many microneedling options on the market, but SkinPen sets itself apart through its unique advantages. Unlike some other microneedling devices, this one has a precise adjustable needle depth, providing a tailored approach to address individual skin concerns. This adaptability ensures precise targeting of specific areas, optimising results. The fine needles and controlled penetration depth also enhance the safety profile of the procedure. Patients can experience the benefits of microneedling with minimal discomfort and a reduced risk of side effects.


Our Exclusive Winter Offer

To make your journey with SkinPen even more enticing, we’re offering an exclusive Winter Glow Package with the lovely Maja. Priced at £900 down from £1231, this package combines the power of three microneedling sessions with the potent NCTF bio-revitalising procedure. NCTF, or New Cellular Treatment Factor, is the only product for mesotherapy that contains 59 active ingredients in high concentration for effective skin regeneration and rejuvenation.


As a bonus, indulge in the healing embrace of LED light therapy with every session. LED light therapy complements SkinPen by encouraging enhanced healing and promoting a more robust skin response to the microneedling process.


To ensure your skin receives the best care, the Winter Glow Package also includes the AlumierMD Prep and Enhance Rejuvenation Kit. This medical-grade skincare regimen adds a touch of luxury to your skincare routine, further enhancing the results of your microneedling sessions.


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