Where do I even start?

By Dr. Raquel Amado on the 21st March 2022

Where do I even start?

When it comes to aesthetics it’s really hard to know where to even start! Chances are you may have been paying more attention to your skin recently, examining your face in bathroom mirrors, lifting your brows, your cheeks, to see the younger, tighter, smoother you. Perhaps you’ve been looking more closely at friends or celebrities, seeing what they have maybe had tweaked? As we age we often compare ourselves to others, so how do we fair? Let’s face it (pardon the pun), we are all uniquely different, different genes, different lifestyles and different levels of self care, but comparison is a dangerous game, and what maybe right for one person, isn’t fitting for the next.

As we age our facial proportions can change. We may notice that our nose to mouth lines have deepened, or we have upper lip lines, we may feel we have sagging jowls. As we look deeper into our facial structure we can see that our skin has lost some of the volume that it used to have. We may not look for fresh as we once did, and I think that it’s then that we start to get curious about how we can restore and refresh our skin.

If you are reading this you are doing your research, and that’s important. Your face is precious, you are precious, so when looking into any kind of enhancement, semi permanent or permanent, you’ve got to find your match.

Beginning your journey is the hardest part. With so many choices, from skincare to facials, to injections and then surgery, not only are you getting to grips with your own feelings, but then you have to fight your way through the countless realms of offerings that often just lead to ‘choice paralysis’. Everywhere we look there are choices, and we often just go with what we know.

You may have endlessly scrolled Instagram, played around with filters, followed other people’s journey with their skin. You’re curious, but where do you really start?

This is where I come in … cue Dr Raquel! I am so happy that you got this far, reading my blog and really taking the time to look into the details. I never rush anyone into anything, from beginning to end I take a complete 360 approach with all of my patients. Investing in your face, changing the way you see yourself, is a seriously big decision that I will never underestimate.

Your first step is to book a consultation with me; a consultation is for one hour, priced at £50.00. This time is dedicated to you alone, it’s your time to share with me what results YOU would like to see, and even if you aren’t sure, then we can discuss that too. My mantra is always to listen, to educate and to reflect back, to ensure we are working together on getting the results that YOU want. Remember, what I can do with a gel filler is similar to what a make up artist can achieve… the gel filler just lasts longer than one application!

So, you’ve booked your consultation… what happens now? We will send you a pre consultation questionnaire, which will explore any of your medical history I need to be made aware that may affect your treatment, along with what you are looking to achieve and any concerns you may have. You can even download ‘The Beginners Guide’ from my website, if you fill out the contact form… it’s all yours! This is a really useful and informative way to continue your journey and learn more about what we can do.

When you arrive at the clinic you will receive a warm welcome. We share the building with other businesses, so simply buzz the intercom and we will come and greet you. The clinic’s ambience will put you at your ease within minutes; aromatherapy candles, soft fabrics and textures and a seriously comfortable treatment couch, coupled with an honest and genuine approach, you will feel a sense of comfort and calm.

From here we will explore your pre consultation questionnaire, discuss areas you would like to address and complete a skin analysis using a super duper machine that takes a deep dive into the skin and enables us to see your skin’s texture, pigmentation, sun damage, pore sizes, elasticity, hydration levels and much more. This is the helping hand we use to see areas YOU would like to improve and enhance, and we offer before and after photos, to ensure that we attain the results we outlined at consultation.

I will then explain in more detail about skin, and help to educate you about how we can make subtle changes that will make the difference you are looking for, because it’s not all about needles and injectables. Great skin starts with great skincare. I will ask you to walk me through your skincare routine, and what has previously worked for you. I can make recommendations, although I’ll NEVER sell to you. I truly believe that it’s what you do when we’re not together that is most important! Therefore, finding the right products and routine for skin maintenance is key.

By the end of the consultation, and after our discussion and decisions on treatment, we can then explore the available options and see if we can go ahead with the treatment on the same day, book you back in, or you could take some time to go away and mull it all over before you get back to me.

I can offer dermal fillers face, neck and hands, acne, rosacea , pigmentation treatment, lip filler, cosmetic treatment for jowls, anti wrinkle treatment, micro needling treatment, tear trough filler and even treatments for hair loss. My results are NATURAL, they enhance and freshen, and my patient promise is that I will never recommend a treatment or product that you don’t need or that I personally don’t have an in-depth knowledge of and experience in working with.

You will never feel alone, I am there every step of your journey. It isn’t just about the treatment you are having, it’s about how you are feeling, and getting the results YOU want. There will be no pressure, no medical jargon and I will always provide the most comfortable of treatments with minimal or zero discomfort. A gentle approach and full aftercare is the only way I will treat.

With your face in my hands, my priority is a safe, effective, comfortable treatment that is a positive experience and which has great, NATURAL LOOKING RESULTS!

Now what will your next move be?


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