Treating your skin concerns

By Dr. Raquel Amado on the 08th April 2020

Will an aesthetic treatment solve your skin concerns?

Or perhaps you just need advice about your skincare regime?

If you’re uncertain, I can help.

In my last blog, I discussed the importance of finding not just the right skin treatment, but also finding the right professional for you – one that you can connect with and who puts you at ease. This month, I explore some more common concerns of people looking to treat skin conditions – and why working with a practitioner who understands your skin’s individual needs is so vital.


Many potential clients worry that nothing can be done for persistent skin concerns, or feel like they have “tried every trick in the book” without success – which can deter them from seeking advice.

I understand how skin problems can impact self-confidence. This is why a big part of my job is using my knowledge of treatments and skincare products to find a course of care that will work for you and your individual skin needs.

All women experience different skin issues at different stages of their life, and one of the best parts of what I do is helping my clients achieve the healthiest skin possible, and watching them get their confidence back.

My client Claire Templeton discussed her experience of treating persistent skin issues in her review:

“Raquel is both professional and friendly. She takes time to understand what you want and need to achieve, and advises the best ways to get there. She has helped me immensely with old acne scars and pregnancy pigmentation on my face, and I am really pleased with the ongoing results. Thank you Raquel!”


The length of time that a treatment will last is another concern of many, with the worry being that effects will only last a minimal amount of time before another treatment will be needed.

Of course, each treatment will be different for each person – but I always ensure I give every client in-depth advice on the best products and skincare regime for them, as well as offering an aftercare kit to take home, to enhance and prolong effects of any treatment I administer.

For me, an important part of the treatment experience is ensuring my clients know exactly how to care for, understand and get the best out of their own skin.

My client Claire Anderson discussed how her experience was enhanced by advice on skincare products, in this excerpt from her video testimonial:

“[Dr Raquel’s] knowledge is amazing, actually, on all the products that she uses in her practice, and she will quite happily explain skincare. I learned some things about protecting my skin that I didn’t know before about sun protection, so I’m now using a product that Dr Raquel recommended which is fantastic, so I would recommend looking into that too.”


Some clients are uncertain about whether the subtle, natural results achieved from the aesthetic treatments I offer will be noticeable enough, or worth the price paid.

In my experience, clients come away amazed at how big a difference minimally invasive treatments like Botox, chemical peels and fillers can make to their appearance. I would never compromise a client’s wellbeing by offering extreme treatments that they simply don’t need; less is often more.

In fact, if we can resolve your skin concerns by simply introducing new products into your routine rather than with an aesthetic treatment, this is what I will recommend. I keep my prices as affordable I can, while still allowing me to offer the highest quality of treatment and aftercare, tailoring each treatment to each individual.

My client Sally Smith explained how natural, understated results can really make a difference in her recent review:

04.02. Post.jpg

“I came to see Raquel for Botox, I had my forehead, frown lines and my crows feet done. I was quite anxious about the procedure as it was my first time having Botox but Raquel was so welcoming and put me at ease straight away. The procedure was explained to me fully and so I knew what to expect.

The aftercare was also explained clearly and any swellings or bruises that may appear at the site of the injections. However I did only experience one slight swelling which was minimal and lasted a few hours at most.

The results are amazing and make you feel so much more confident, especially if you have any hold-ups about certain areas. I’m 38 and I have developed some well worth it smile lines and disappointingly a large frown line so have been aware of these being so visible. These were all smoothed out rather well and felt I still looked natural.”

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