Top five tips for healthy-looking skin in 2020

By Dr. Raquel Amado on the 10th February 2020

Are you struggling to achieve healthy-looking skin this winter?

Is your face feeling dry, blotchy or in desperate need of some TLC?

It’s common to feel run down after the excesses of the festive period, but adding just a few simple steps to your skincare regime will make a real difference to how you both look and feel this winter. Try these tips to put that natural glow back in your cheeks!


If your skin is feeling tender, the cause might just surprise you. The sun’s harmful rays can make skin feel sore and tight, as well as lead to premature ageing – but contrary to popular belief, it’s not just in summer that you need SPF protection. Some moisturisers and products claiming to offer SPF protection don’t provide the level needed to keep your skin safe, so the best thing is to apply sun cream underneath any other skincare and make up products. Make sure the sunscreen you use offers a broad spectrum, at least 30 SPF, and contains titanium or zinc oxide.


Is rough, uneven skin making you feel less confident? Don’t try to cover it up – nourish from the inside out instead. If you want a smoother, unblemished complexion, start your day right by using a lotion or serum that includes vitamin C to promote healthy skin cell production and aid your body’s natural collagen production. It also has the added benefit of enhancing UV protection of any sunscreen product you apply.


Looking for an all-round product that delivers healthier-looking skin? Unfortunately, there’s no miracle treatment – but retinol comes close. Retinol is derived from vitamin A and boosts collagen production and the regrowth of cells. Including it into your nightly skincare regime can offer a number of benefits, making your skin smoother, clearer and reducing signs of ageing. Start by incorporating a serum or cream with retinol once a week and slowly build up your resistance. It’s best to apply it at night as retinol can make your skin slightly more sensitive to light.


Want to achieve visible results more quickly? There are a number of minimally invasive aesthetic treatments that can produce great results. Chemical peels remove the outer layer of epidermis – clearing away dead skin and encouraging the growth of new cells. This produces younger looking skin with fewer fine lines, and a more even tone. A superficial peel only has a recovery period of a few days; just ensure you use gentle cleansers and moisturisers following treatment to protect your sensitive skin. You should also try to avoid sun exposure where possible.


If you want to achieve a fresher face for the new year, microneedling could be another valuable tool at your disposal. The treatment utilises a Skinpen, which is used to insert very fine needles into the skin to promote its ability to rejuvenate. This method is less traumatic on the skin than a dermaroller – meaning faster recovery and a better result in improving conditions like acne scarring, fine lines, sagging skin and issues with pigment. In the longer term, it helps to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother more toned skin.

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