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By Dr. Raquel Amado on the 07th November 2022

The festive season is fast approaching and there seems to be so much to think about! It’s more than likely that your social calendar is already starting to ramp up, with dinners, parties and fun festivities so of course, when we are planning to have a social month with lots of photo opportunities we want to look and feel our best.

The purse strings are tightening and the days are getting cooler… hopefully we’ll be heating our houses, fingers crossed! With rising costs everywhere you look, everybody is making adjustments and prioritising wherever they can.

Aesthetics treatments are a luxury, but for some they are an essential part of building their self confidence and provide for them an emotional boost through a physical change. Whether you’re thinking of a treat, maintenance or a pick me up, I thought we could explore some quick, effective ‘spot tweakments’ in time for the festive season.

In the run up to Christmas we all seem to strive for perfection, the build up to one day can seem to take weeks of preparation! Christmas is a time to enjoy, so if you’re running around trying to make everything picture perfect then just stop, and remember that it’s important  to stand still and enjoy the beauty of the season itself, those stunning winter colours, cool, crisp air, glistening ice, woolly jumpers and fabulous scarves to wrap you up warmly. Enjoy those festive fairs with Christmas smells and mugs of hot chocolate, or maybe something stronger to warm the soul.

If you’re thinking of coming to visit me, November is the perfect time for your tweakments, those final touches before the Christmas month is upon us. In my last blog we explored full facial rejuvenation, a combination of treatments that really refresh and lift the face, providing the overall effect of a really good night’s sleep every day, but for those who are looking for a little fix – a spot treatment will be a subtle tidy up and will disguise those folds for you.

Whilst a smooth, firm and lifted skin feels great, we must remember that it is natural to have lines. Even babies have them, so without any expression lines our faces would look… well… strange! That’s why it’s important that we look at a natural finish.

One example of an area that we can tweak with filler would be those nose to mouth lines. If you feel they are a little more pronounced, these nasolabial folds can be lessened with filler, and for those that have noticed the corners of their mouth turning down, these marionette lines can be injected with filler to help to return your natural smile and freshen your face. Marionette lines become more visible as we age because it’s perfectly normal to lose volume in our face, and whilst a spot targeted filler would be a quick fix, if you like the result and would like to see more of a difference, ask me about something a little more long term.



For a fresher look and feel to your face, cheek filler is always a winner, plumping the area and putting a little bounce back into the skin. Skin does head south as it ages, and our faces particularly hollow out, the volume in the cheek area depletes and gradually you will see the results of that in your cheeks, mouth and nose lines.

Mouth lines, often referred to as smokers lines, surround the mouth. These perhaps are more pronounced in smokers or anyone that repetitively uses the same expressions with their mouth. A filler can assist in smoothing this area out, along with lip fillers for that perfect, subtle combination.

If you book your targeted spot fillers with me during December, I am offering a complimentary LED LIGHT, 30 minute restorative skin session. LED light promotes skin recovery by reducing inflammation in the skin, sensitivity, redness and anti ageing. This calming light really enhances and finishes off the treatment with a glow.

If targeted spot fillers isn’t what you’re looking for and you’d like a facial to get your glow on…then The Christmas Express Facial is your perfect pre party fix!

This stunning micro treatment promotes a radiant, bright and refreshed skin. Combining a light superficial peel and a super skin drenching mask, your skin will be all kinds of dewy and selfie-ready in a flash! Finishing the treatment with a boost of LED light, this little express Luxe treat will help you to face this wonderful, crazy busy season!

So if you’re thinking ahead, and planning or even thinking of fillers, then I urge you to book an appointment with me in November, or the first week in December at the latest, because allowing the maximum time possible is key to allowing your fillers to settle. If you’d like to indulge in The Christmas Glow Facial, we have Maja in clinic and she is booking up fast, so book now!

Gift of Gifting… if you have someone in mind that you would like to treat not only do we do gift vouchers but we also have some ‘Skin Starter Kits’ ideal for younger teenage skin.  The younger you start looking after the skin the better. After your body should be your greatest investment, as your skin is your largest organ, and your face is seen daily it’s a great place to start.

Teenage skin needs a simple basic routine – Cleanser, light exfoliant a moisturiser and SPF.

We love this starter kit..

If you are looking at gifting a friend some seriously special pro aging skincare then we also love these

Whether it be targeted spot treatments, Christmas Facials, gift vouchers or even getting someone started on the ladder to great transformation skin… we’ve got you!


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