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By Dr. Raquel Amado on the 05th September 2022

I have been considering how to expand the clinic and the services that I provide for my patients, and as a result of this process, Maja is joining the clinic as a visiting aesthetician specialist in skin from October onwards.

I believe that there are multiple ways to approach skin health, and, whilst injectables provide more instantaneous results, proper skin care and maintenance is a long road to travel if you are looking for longer term results.

Maja joins the clinic with a wealth of experience in cosmetology and science, and with a unique Masters Degree from Poland, Maja is not only an amazing skin practitioner but will also bring with her an in-depth knowledge of cosmetology and cosmetic science. Maja’s educational background has allowed her to not only carry out treatments, but to work in a laboratory to create cosmetic products. This means that whilst many technicians learn how to follow specific steps to provide treatments using branded systems, Maja is able to formulate her own ingredients using her extensive knowledge of the skin, and which ingredients will work best for the most effective results.

In the end, it’s all about the chemistry and understanding how it works with the skin and Maja has 11 years of experience in total, as a skincare specialist and as a trainer.  Beginning her career in London working as a trainer for a spa group, Maja quickly realised that her thirst for more science based facts and skincare was her true passion.  After completing her Masters degree in Poland, Maja then realised that the role of trainer delivered her more flexibility, and she was able to work in many clinics across London. After that she was approached by Harley academy to lead the first Cosmetic Dermatology course. 

This was a unique opportunity for Maja, and it allowed her to combine her passion for everything aesthetics with a teaching role and to really educate the industry to a different level. I met Maja when I started working with Harley Academy and we have been colleagues ever since, and with her knowledge and scientific know-how, this means we can deliver a unique experience in clinic for our patients.

Maja thrives with patients that really want to change their skin, that truly understand the commitment to skin health, using products combined with treatments in clinic.  Whilst instant results are miraculous, for longer term benefits a combination of treatments is the most effective way to achieve longer lasting results.

Maja’s favourite treatments are skin needling and chemical peels and for patients that take their skin seriously these treatments, delivered on a regular basis, are key. These treatments can be done on their own or in combination to achieve best results. When the skin allows, Maja can use them simultaneously to work both on the epidermis, which is the superficial layer of skin that we all see, along with the dermis, which is the deeper layer and where the magic really happens.

The most exciting part of the process for Maja is the consultation, during which time her patient will develop an understanding of the reasons for their particular condition. Maja will then educate her patient as to how the treatment process will work; she understands the importance of asking the right questions to drill down into a patient’s lifestyle and even their mental health, which could be associated with the skin condition they are experiencing.

Maja’s versatility in combining treatments is her speciality. In one appointment alone she can combine a number of different procedures based on the patient’s needs. Working on both the deeper skin layers and the superficial ones to create a resurfacing treatment that could be comparable to a deep laser treatment- with less side effects.



Chemical peels have a notorious reputation, and due to their ill usage and longer recovery periods there has been some bad press over the years that perhaps has misrepresented the results that can be achieved.  Again, with Maja’s expertise in cosmetic chemistry, finding the right balance for a specific skin condition is the key. The science behind peels is extensive, so having an understanding of the procedure of application, combined with that of an educated and experienced aesthetician in its formulation is vital. The need for this expertise really comes into sharp focus when applying the knowledge of how peels are layered and how different peels correlate to differing skin types. Maja loves researching new peels that come onto the market, and is always updating her experience and skill set in this area.

So, using Maja’s extensive scientific knowledge and experience combined with a cocktail of treatments, we truly believe that we can offer all of our patients that are seriously considering a skincare journey something absolutely unique.

Maja is Pro Science, so her explanations will always be backed with facts, to achieve optimal skin health.  Having been based in London over the last 10 years, Maja now lives in Essex and has a penchant for anything Harry Potter, coffee and dark chocolate- I am sure many of us can share those loves! Maja’s number one anti ageing product is… drum roll please… SPF! The world’s best protection for skin health.

So, if you are curious as to how we can achieve optimal results for your skin using this combination, and would like to understand how by working together we can achieve this, then please book a consultation with Maja and start your new skincare journey, from October.


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