How Does Non Surgical Face Lift Work?

By Dr. Raquel Amado on the 27th October 2023

When it comes to rejuvenating your appearance, it’s only natural to have questions. One of the most common queries we encounter is, ‘does non surgical face lift work?’ Well, we’re here to explain exactly how it works and why it can deliver results similar to those of a surgical face lift.


Understanding The Treatment

To be able to confidently answer ‘does non surgical face lift work’, we first need to understand the concept behind it. This procedure, often referred to as the ‘eight-point face lift,’ is not your ordinary beauty treatment. It’s a bespoke experience, tailored exclusively to the unique needs of your face.


As we age, the supporting structures of our face, including bones and fat, tend to recede subtly. This natural process can leave our faces with less definition, lost volume and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Here’s where the non surgical face lift swoops in to save the day.


The Beauty Of Dermal Fillers

Why does non surgical face lift work so well? The answer lies with dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are remarkable substances that are the secret sauce behind the success of the non surgical face lift. They mainly consist of hyaluronic acid, with an impressive safety record to rely on. This hyaluronic acid is biodegradable, meaning it naturally breaks down in your body over time. So, no lingering artificial substances – just natural-looking rejuvenation.


But here’s the real brilliance – dermal fillers are versatile, meaning they can be skillfully applied to specific areas of your face that need a little extra love. The treatment addresses your unique concerns, restoring lost volume and reviving your youthful appearance – without looking fake.


How Does Non Surgical Face Lift Work?

So, how does non surgical face lift work, you ask? The process begins with a thorough consultation. During this session, we’ll discuss your concerns and goals, ensuring we have a full understanding of what you want to achieve. This step is crucial to crafting a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.


Once we’ve mapped out your bespoke plan, it’s time to put it into action. A topical local anaesthetic can be applied to the treatment area before we begin. Rest assured, any needles used during the procedure are tiny and designed for comfort and precision.


The treatment itself involves strategically injecting dermal fillers into specific areas of your face. These injections help to restore volume, sculpt contours and smooth away wrinkles and lines. The beauty of this approach is that you’ll leave looking refreshed and rejuvenated, not drastically altered. It’s subtle yet effective.


Now, let’s talk about downtime – or rather, the lack of it. Unlike surgical face lifts, which often require extended recovery periods, the non surgical option has virtually no downtime. You can return to your daily routine the day after the treatment, glowing with newfound radiance. It’s like a mini holiday for your face, without the need to pack your bags.


Why Choose Dr. Raquel?

Now that we’ve answered your question ‘does non surgical face lift work’, you might wonder why you should choose Dr Raquel. Well, she’s passionate about achieving exceptional, natural-looking results while keeping your safety as the top priority. One of the concerns we often address is the fear of looking ‘plastic’ or ‘overdone.’ Rest assured, that’s not the goal here. Our ethical aesthetic practice means we never recommend a treatment or product we don’t personally endorse and have extensive experience with. Our goal? Ensuring you leave with a smile and the best possible results.


If you’re still wondering ‘does non surgical face lift work’, book your consultation at Dr Raquel Skin and Medical Cosmetics today and we’ll talk you through it in person. Contact us on 01732 525875 or drop us an email at