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By Dr. Raquel Amado on the 10th September 2019

Every day, the skin on your face is subjected to a lot of stress. From changes in climate and the sun’s harmful rays to your daily make-up and cleansing routine – all of this takes a toll on your skin’s natural health and appearance.

On top of a regular skincare regime, sometimes you need to give your skin a little extra help to keep it looking bright and supple. This is where chemical peels come into play.

In simple terms, a chemical peel can help rejuvenate your face by removing the outermost layer of skin, or epidermis – taking with it all those unwanted dead cells and encouraging the regrowth of new cells. It makes your skin look fresher and younger, reducing fine lines, evening out skin tone and diminishing the appearance blemishes and age spots.

You can choose from superficial, medium and deep peels, which penetrate to different levels of the skin. Depending on your choice, the results will last different periods of time – but the deeper you go, the longer the recovery time and the higher the chance of side effects.

AlumierMD offers a wide range of light to medium facial peels, making them a safer option than a deep peel – but still offering a noticeable improvement to your complexion. The peels use a variety of ingredients that can be customised to target your specific skin concerns – which is why I always conduct a free consultation with my clients before we decide on any clinical peel treatment.

The AlumierMD Glow Peel treatment is something I often recommend to clients looking for a more fresh-faced look. The Glow Peel makes use of a number of ingredients to achieve its results, including lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol. The outcome is skin that looks younger with fewer wrinkles and a more even complexion with less discolouration. This peel can also help reduce acne by unclogging pores and encourages the generation of new, healthy skin cells.

After the peel, your face might feel more tender and be more sensitive than usual. Good aftercare of your skin is vital when you have any treatment, which is why I always include a gentle cleanser, moisturiser and SPF sunscreen in the price of my peel treatments. This regime is specially tailored to help your skin to recover and achieve the best results.

Your skin will begin to peel between three and five days after treatment; as the old skin peels away, healthy new skin is revealed – giving you that much-desired ‘glow’.

In order to maintain and prolong the effects of the Glow Peel, AlumierMD offers a wide range of products to enhance your experience – like the Recovery Balm, which uses ingredients like aloe and shea butter to cool and soothe your skin. How to make the most of your treatment is also an important part of my consultation process – meaning you stay fresh-faced for longer.

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