Express yourself? An exploration of nose to mouth lines.

By Dr. Raquel Amado on the 04th April 2022

On our journey to inner wisdom, and by that I mean being 40 and beyond, the accent on our faces has truly moved in and taken up room in our headspace! I’m talking about those lines from your nose to your mouth. We call them nasolabial folds, and they are accentuated when we express ourselves.

Have you noticed that your face has started to head south? The shape of your face has changed during your 30’s, and that when approaching the big four ohhhh you’ve perhaps lost some volume? This blog explores nose to mouth lines filler, and how you can achieve a fresh and restored, natural looking result.


For most people, and by this I mean those not in the industry, this looks like a subtle change to the shape of your face. Some may notice that the light reflects differently in photos and you need a new angle! If you can remember as a child playing spot the difference, well, if you were to put 2 photos of yourself side by side, 5 or 10 years apart, it’s probably the minutest of details that have changed.


Much like the eyes, the mouth gets a work out too, some more than others that’s for sure! If you have expressive movements when talking or reacting, you may notice that your nose to mouth lines are a little deeper than they used to be, and let’s face it, your genes always have a part to play as to how your unique facial features are made up.


As we age we lose volume in our skin, our fat, and our bones. Bones recede and can structurally change the shape of the face. My passion lies in creating and enhancing how the light works with your skin. Sculpting the face, changing the way you see how the light reflects, to enhance and restore volume and shape. Think of me like your ‘ultimate make up artist’. Not only that, but I’ll educate you in the ‘why’. This is so incredibly important to get an understanding what is actually obtainable, and indeed SAFE.


Your precious face is only ever going to be an investment. A quick fix may at first feel like the only financial option, however as you begin to understand the anatomy of your face, you’ll become aware that a ‘quick fix’ isn’t going to give you the results you need. When looking at nose to mouth lines filler, we not only need to look at that fold but to its surrounding areas, and what is causing the fold in the first instance.


For many of us, we have deep pockets when it comes to skincare and perhaps cosmetics, so when thinking about a bigger change, then consider this as an investment. The fillers that I use in clinic are so technologically advanced that you will only see a very natural shift when they deplete. That ‘done’ and that ‘fake’ look couldn’t be further from how I treat my patients. In fact, if that’s what you are looking for then we simply won’t be a match.


The fillers I work with are truly sublime, and putting your safety first, these fillers shrink over time, as opposed to breaking down. Again this allows for a subtle change, and a longer lasting result; this is some seriously clever technology that is SAFE and effective. When considering nose to mouth lines filler, remember that high quality fillers do come at a price, meaning that you may see differences in price when comparing my services to another’s. The investment you’re making needs to be both in the experience of your practitioner and the quality of the filler combined, but the result will be a fresh face, much like a good night’s sleep. You will look refreshed, and no one will know why!


Learn more about fillers and how they work here.


Okay, so let’s dig deeper as to why we may need that nose to mouth lines filler… As we age we lose volume in our bone, and the fat pads in our face that are both deep and superficial, shrink. with the exception of 2 of them. You guessed it the nose to mouth one is one of them  So, what actually happens is that there is more space in your face, and gravity always loves to pull us downwards. The combination of bone loss and fat loss contribute to those folds from nose to mouth, but remember that they are natural, even babies have those folds, so our aim here would never be to eradicate but to simply restore.


The ageing superficial fat pads in the cheek area can look rather heavy, so when we are looking at treating this area I will take a number of approaches depending on your facial structure. I won’t just go for the ‘quick fix’, but rather examine the root of the problem. This will involve working on the deep fat pad and bone, increasing volume at the root and working with nose to mouth lines filler. If I were to only treat the fold, this would merely be treating the symptom. It wouldn’t be a natural fix because everyone has these nose to mouth lines, and to remove them completely would look unnatural, and frankly, quite odd.


Nose to mouth lines filler should only ever restore and revive, never add. I study the anatomy of the face continually to ensure that not only am I using the right techniques in the right places, but also to enable me to understand the ageing process and the best, most effective way to obtain a natural result. My patients complete their treatment and are able to leave with the confidence that their face looks fresh, restored, and just as if they’ve had a brilliant night’s sleep. This is always the aim of the treatment, a natural looking, subtle change that people can’t quite put their finger on.


So there we have it! I’ve ‘dug deep’ into the subject, explored nose to mouth lines filler and the more important ‘why’ of how they got there, how we treat them and who it is that you should consider trusting when making the decision to subtly restore those nasolabial folds.


Book a consultation for a personalised exploration of how we can begin your journey. Knowledge is power and there will NEVER be pressure to proceed with treatment. Learn more about nose to mouth lines filler in consultation. Book here.


*Remember the magic is that no one will ever know, the changes are so natural and subtle that ‘they’ never can quite put their finger on what has changed


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