Dr Raquel’s 360 Approach Membership Plan

By Dr. Raquel Amado on the 10th May 2022

Providing all the treatments you need for long-term full face rejuvenation

When it comes to our skin, our face, our ‘window’ if you will, we all have different wants and needs.  Some of us hide behind the facade of glossy make up, others prefer the ‘barely there’ look. Whilst it’s the (and I am rather envious of this group) ‘I don’t stress about it, take me as you find me’ group I find that ask the most questions about the possibilities of aesthetics. My Dr Raquel 360 Approach Membership Plan is the ideal way of factoring in Full face rejuvenation, and looking at the face as a whole and not just one particular area.

No matter how experienced I am, how many patients I speak with, we all have very different opinions on skin health. We are all unique, and whilst we all may have a few insecurities and pull our face around in the mirror, it’s not always a priority for us to get a ‘fix’. Full face rejuvenation sounds kind of scary, however it’s anything but. To pick apart the definition of this term simply means that we look at every area of your face that you would like to see differently. Through a deeper understanding of exactly what you would like to change we can set about a subtle transformation with your Dr Raquel 360 Approach Membership Plan.

This amazing platform not only enhances but truly maintains your skin, ensuring individual, ongoing care that means that you will never have to revisit your previous skin concerns. I may be your ‘go to’ skin sculptor, but my opinion on your complete wellness will also be based on your emotional health and what you feel comfortable with.

The journey you have taken to the ‘right now’ may have been difficult; we all pack so much emotion into how we perceive ourselves and there are parts of us both inside and out that we would like to change if only we could. Your journey with me begins with you, and about how you feel about who you are. If you have gotten this far, I am sure you are fully aware that my work will only ever compliment and enhance your skin and provide healthy, natural looking results. Your well-being is key and the nature of my 360 degree approach means that we will work together, hand in hand, on your own wellness and your skin needs.

Before we go into more detail and I deliver the facts of what to expect with 360 Degree membership, I would like to share with you what I was so fortunate to experience on my April holiday.



When I went back home on vacay to my beautiful country I truly reconnected with myself, my husband and my family. It was an unforgettable experience, one of gratitude, relaxation and peace of mind. At the time I was experiencing a tiredness like I’d never had before; life had been hectic and although I love my work, I think perhaps I’d said yes a little too often!

From spectacular sea views, to ambient Brazilian beats, and with heavenly aromas to seduce my senses, our vacay from life just my husband and I, in one of the most special hotels we have ever stayed, with every single detail taken care of, zero screens and nurturing organic menus, this was the retreat that hand wrapped my relaxation and truly delivered on my complete restoration.  One week later I don’t just feel like me again, I feel more connected with this incredible planet.

Often it takes a change, it takes a decision that we have long deliberated about to see how we can best help ourselves. I wanted to share my experience with you as it left me feeling at peace, restored and absolutely reconnected. My own well-being has taken a hit recently as I have been busier than ever before, but this trip has made me realise that in order to join my life together, to make it a richer experience, it does indeed need to take a 360 approach.



So, why membership, I hear you ask?

Imagine being able to have a hassle free time knowing that every need you have will be taken care of. For many of my patients this approach provides a simplified service that adds value to everything I offer.

This service is no doubt an investment, and is not always possible for everyone.

After a consultation to discuss your Dr Raquel 360 Approach Membership Plan and how much you would like to invest, we will then break that figure down into simple monthly payments, thus taking the stress and the ‘unknown’ out of the equation and giving you the peace of mind you need.


Why are you talking about wellness?

Since day dot in the field of aesthetics the light has shone brightly on the facade of ’tweakments’.  Those over done, far from subtle effects have, over the years, given a false impression of the way we practice our craft. The actual synergy between wellness and aesthetics is staring us all in the face, yet no one has really noticed.

I am speaking of that inner confidence, that radiance you exude when you feel happy with a part of you that you have always ‘over thought’. For many of my patients, the reassurance of the slight and subtle sculpts I can assist with bring smiles that shine out like from them like moon beams! When you feel your best, you can face the world with confidence and a self assured hop, skip and a jump!



What does Full Face Rejuvenation include?

As I always say, every individual’s needs are different and so will require different approaches that could include dietary supplements, skincare, clinic treatments, or all three. I will be looking into ongoing skincare maintenance for home use, facial treatments that work on skin tone and texture within the clinic, along with sculpting the face with fillers, and it is important to understand that the ingredients of the fillers I use are only the very finest, designed to work with the body’s systems and not pollute them. Initially I will be working on creating and crafting, and then a full maintenance and lifestyle program, designed entirely to meet your individual needs


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