Breaking Down Acne

By Dr. Raquel Amado on the 04th June 2024

Breaking Down Acne: Genetic Testing 

Have you ever wondered why, despite trying every skincare routine out there, acne still finds its way back to you? Well, it turns out, the answer might lie deep within our DNA, not just on the surface of our skin.

Acne isn’t just about the foods we eat or the stress we feel; it’s also about how our bodies react to these factors on a genetic level. Yes, you heard that right! Our genes play a huge role in determining how our skin behaves, making some of us more prone to acne than others.

Did you know that we offer this Acne Genetic test from Fagron Genomics at our clinic? You can click here to book it now.

It is super simple and quick to do, all it takes is a simple swab on the inside of the cheek and you’re good to go. We then send the test to the lab and wait for the results.

With this in depth info we can put a bespoke treatment plan together, specifically for you and your genetic needs, so no more guessing games…!

The Genetic Detective Work: Unravelling the Mystery of Acne

Enter genetic testing – a groundbreaking approach that’s changing the game in acne treatment. This isn’t your ordinary skincare hack. It’s a sophisticated way to get to know your skin on a genetic level. By examining specific genetic markers, we can now develop personalised treatment plans that speak directly to your skin’s unique needs.

Personalised acne treatment plans at Dr Raquel’s Clinic

Imagine a world where your skincare routine is designed just for you, based on your genetic blueprint. That’s exactly what the AcneTest aims to do. This cutting-edge test dives deep into your DNA to find out what treatments will work best for your skin, making the journey to clear skin faster and more effective.The AcneTest represents a pioneering advancement in the personalised treatment of acne, designed to analyse an individual’s genetic predispositions towards acne and how they might respond to different treatments. This innovative approach involves collecting a DNA sample from the patient, which is then analysed to identify genetic variants that affect factors such as sebum production, inflammation, and scar formation. The result is a personalised report that offers tailored treatment recommendations, enabling healthcare professionals to devise more effective and individualised treatment plans for their patients.

The Benefits: A Clearer Path to Clear Skin

The beauty of genetic testing for acne lies in its precision. No more guessing games with creams and medications. Now, we can pinpoint exactly what your skin needs to fight off acne, from specific medications to lifestyle changes, reducing the frustrating trial-and-error process that many of us know all too well.

Dermatologists Weigh In: The Future of Skincare

The shift towards genetic testing in dermatology is gaining momentum. Dermatologists are seeing firsthand the benefits of tailoring acne treatments to the individual’s genetic makeup. The results? Happier patients with clearer skin, who feel like they’ve finally found the solution they’ve been searching for.

By embracing these advancements, we’re not just treating acne; we’re reshaping the future of skincare, making it as unique as you are.


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