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By Dr. Raquel Amado on the 21st April 2022
If there’s one place that we see the effects of ageing soonest, it’s around the eyes. Dark circle under eye treatment is perhaps something we have all thought about at one time or another, whether it be after a long day, or when you stare back at yourself in the morning mirror, those dark, hollow, sunken circles can leave us all feeling and looking meh!

So let’s understand what’s going on there, and first of all, why the first evidence of

sleepless nights, stressful times, or just feeling a little mediocre tell their stories under those eyes.

The skin around the eyes is super thin and fragile. In fact, it’s the thinnest skin you have. Think about how often we rub at our eyes, and use them to blink, smile, laugh, cry and generally express ourselves. What a work out they have! When it comes to caring for our eyes, we often forget that they’re different, and we use skincare designed for our thicker, facial skin, thinking that it all does the same thing. Heads up guys, the eyes need something light, and you must be careful because you could end up with puffy, swollen eyes by using the wrong products.

The under eye area is the thinnest in our body  which means that you will notice dehydration lines as well as the fine lines produced from your expressions. You may also notice some white heads (milia). Often found around the eye area, milia occur when your dead skin cells aren’t sloughed away but get caught under the new skin that’s growing, harden, and form a pocket of oil.

As we age, our body gradually loses some of its elasticity and collagen and that makes our skin loose. Collagen is a word that’s often bandied around, and from creams to supplements, we are told to pack in this powerful ingredient in any which way we can, but not all them are effective.

Why? As we advance in years, our body’s natural ability to produce collagen reduces. Collagen is the main structural protein for the skin. Collagen is naturally found in connective tissue, skin, tendons, bones and cartilage. Rich in amino acids, it helps with tissue repair, immune response and much more. We often notice where the collagen is depleting as our skin forms fine lines, or loses volume.

So what kind of dark circle under eye treatment can we practice for ourselves? Well, as the supportive pillows of fat start to diminish under the eyes, the structure of our eyes appears to hollow and look sunken. As we age it’s not only your skin that takes the hit, it’s your bone and even your fat! So your first job would be to look at your skincare. What dark circle under the eye treatment are you using? Have you been maintaining and caring for this area? Or did you wake up one day and have an ‘ah ha’ moment and think ‘ I need to get these fixed’?

‘The Fix’, unfortunately, isn’t an easy one. Good skin, starts with care and maintenance. Whilst I am here to help, you do need to help yourself first. The most simple step is to ensure that you are ‘delicate’ with your eyes. Excessive rubbing, poking and touching isn’t going to help this overly sensitive and fine tissue.

Removing makeup, along with the quality of makeup you use, is important, and cleansing make up off at night that is clogging up your pores, using eye makeup remover, or equally, something gentle on the eyes is a great start, for example, a dedicated, medical grade eye product can be used to help to improve the skin of an dark circle under the eye.

So before we even get into how fillers can help, we always look at the basics. I would always look at educating you about skincare, walking you through how this can help you initially. I will never recommend any products I don’t believe in, nor those that I am not knowledgable about. Skincare is very personal, but if you have been using the same products for some time and you aren’t seeing a result, or simply don’t know where to start, then let’s chat and book a consultation with me here

Now you’ve read the basics, let’s talk treatment! Dark circle under the eye treatment is also known as tear trough filler. Yes I know, it sounds scary doesn’t it? Although this treatment isn’t suitable for everyone, a small amount of high quality filler can be injected under the eye area to plump up sunken skin. This will help reduce the shadowy look under your eyes, making them look younger and brighter. Sounds great right?

So here’s the facts about the dark circle under eye treatment, tear trough filler; replacing volume in this area is tricky, and it’s not suitable for everyone.

Firstly I’ll need to carefully examine how the lymph is circulating around your eye area. A healthy lymph is critical for the filler to do it’s job. By trying to eradicate the dark circles completely, the lymphatic system would be compromised, causing an accumulation of fluid which is the opposite of what we need to achieve. Here. less is more, using small amounts of filler in space I can fill. The rule is, if there’s no space, I can’t fill it. I will not only be treating under the eyes, I will be treating your inner cheek area, and potentially the lateral cheek area that supports under the eye, with filler. Remember, a natural look is always the goal.

I will only ever perform this treatment if I am happy that we will get the result you want. The results of this dark circle under eye treatment are subtle, and you will need to be happy with only a 30% improvement. Unfortunately, anything more than this and you will need to look at surgery.

Post treatment, as always, I’ll be here to walk you through the changes, and what to expect with the healing process. After any dermal filler you can expect redness, swelling and bruising. That said, I always use the least traumatic way possible, so downtime is minimal. Full results of the tear trough filler can be seen two to four weeks post treatment.

We’ve covered a lot of ground here, so if you have been standing in front of the mirror pulling around your eyes, experimenting with sellotape, or frantically applying concealer to camouflage dark, hollow or sunken under eyes… you’ve got your answers! Honestly, dark circle under eye treatment starts with how you are caring for your eyes. First step is skincare, eye care and some TLC. It goes without saying that less caffeine and alcohol, along with healthy sleep patterns are vital. However, if this is an area that is making you concerned or unhappy, and you’d like to see a smoother, brighter under the eye, then let’s chat.

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